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SimRoutes Route Generator

Valid Waypoint Formats

Waypoint Type Description Examples
Airport 3 or 4 digit ICAO KLAX, CYVR, EGLL
Navaid Enter the navaid identifier BNN, LAX, SN
Fix Enter the identifier of the fix CIVET, XAMAB, BOOTH, OPALE, DRUNK
Airway [Start] [Airway] [End] DAG J100 OBK, RZS J501 BSR, VNY V186 PDZ
Lat Lon Enter the Latitude and Longitude followed by hemisphere in format  XX[N/S]YYY[E/W] 42S142E, 42S042E, 42S42E, 60N150W, 40N60W
Flightaware Lat Lon XXXX[N/S] YYYYY[E/W]  (XXXX is the Latitude and YYYYY is the longitude 5600N 02000W, 3900N 16000E
North Atlantic Lat Lon XX/YY where XX is the Latitude North and YY is the Longitude West
(e.g. 52/50 = N52 W050)
50/20 50/30 51/40 49/50
    * only available 00-99 West
NAT (North Atlantic Track) NAT_[TrackIdent] NAT_X, NAT_R, NAT_G
AUSOT (Australian Organized Track) AUSOT_[TrackIdent] AUSOT_SY1A, AUSOT_KS13
PACOT (Pacific Organized Track) PACOT_[TrackIdent] PACOT_8, PACOT_A

    * SimRoutes updates all Oceanic Tracks every 30 minutes. Parsing of tracks is based on current available tracks.


Place Bearing (PB)
* - Beta

[Navaid]YYY where YYY is the three digit radial LAX035, MZB293, HEC211

Place Bearing Distance (PBD)
* - Beta

[Place][YYY]/[XX] where Place is a known Airport/Fix/Navaid/LatLon, YYY is a three digit radial, and XX is a distance in Nautical Miles from the place SLI022/23, LAS211/35, SKEBR345/17



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